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Do you know what ‘good’ looks like on social media? Or do you use these ‘free’ channels purely to promote your business?

Ok, so admittedly, I write this article after a bit of a frustrating day.

I’ve been doing a little research on some companies local to me, as I’d like to find a business to work with whilst I train to be a Facebook Ads Strategist. There’s a new wedding venue launching soon near me. However, I knew very little about it despite only living about two miles away. I found out about it through Instagram. Not from the venue themselves, but via a post from one of their suppliers.

I checked out the venue’s website (looked good, but no FB pixel). I checked out their social channels – Facebook and Instagram. Great pictures, but that’s about as far as it went. The supplier told me that the venue was ‘committed’ to a PR company for all its marketing and social content – and that’s when I sighed – a mighty big sigh admittedly!

Value for money?

I’ve no problem with companies contracting out their social media – you can’t be an expert in everything, nor have the time to do everything. And social media can be time-consuming! Besides, it provides me with my bread and butter. But what does annoy me is when I see companies – especially small, local businesses – not getting value for money.

On the social channels, the pictures were great and consistently posted. But there was pretty much zero engagement on both FB and IG. One post on IG had 37 comments, there were replies to just 4 of those. The same post on FB had 28 comments – but no replies from the venue (aka PR company).

On both channels content posted was predominantly ‘salesy’ – and on FB regularly included links that took the follower off the platform. There was no variation in content either: polls, video etc. On IG the hashtags could’ve done with some attention.

Who is to blame?

So who is at fault here? The venue can’t be blamed. It’s probably paying a contracted fee for all marketing services, including social. And it’s highly likely it doesn’t know what ‘good’ looks like on social media. And this includes:

  • Why it’s called ‘social’ media – not ‘sales’ media
  • That it’s about knowing your audience and building your community ie: knowing why engagement is important.
  • Knowing about the algorithm: that it’s something to be worked with, not ‘beaten’. It’s there for a reason, to foster the relationships and build communities. Fail to engage and constantly link to external sites, taking the follower away from the platform, and yep.. the algorithm is not going to favour your content.

So that leaves the PR company? Do PR firms know what ‘good’ looks like on social? That it’s simply not enough to schedule posts with great pics – and then forget about it? If they offer it as a service they should do, and I’m sure many do (please tell me they do?)

Social media needs a different skillset

But for all those who do give their clients value for money, I consistently see others that don’t – and that’s frustrating. Compared with the historical decades of print media, social media is still quite new. It’s not enough to add it to your list of PR services without truly understanding how it works, simply because it’s ‘media’. It works differently. It requires a different skill-set and everyone and every business – whether you contract out your social media or do it yourself – needs to understand that.

The world of social media can be time-consuming, confusing and technical at times – I don’t see this changing any time soon. But if more people understood what ‘good’ looked like, then maybe more people would love it as much as I do. As a place to build relationships, make new digital friends, join conversations about mutual interests… and obviously… to find out about the small, local companies launching great businesses just two miles up the road!

Rant over!!

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