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Why training with Emma Van Heusen was the best thing I did for my business in 2019…

What exactly do you learn? Is it complicated? How is it structured? Is it worth the investment?

These are just some of the more common questions that I get asked when other social media managers ask me about training with Emma on the ADcelerator course.

All totally valid questions, and exactly the same ones as I was asking before I signed up!

So, here goes…

It wasn’t a decision I took lightly… Yes, no, yes, no… these were the thoughts going through my head for a couple of months before I finally took the plunge. My over-riding reason for going ahead was because of my social media management clients. Organic reach on Facebook – while not impossible – has been tough for sometime. Yet when they asked me about running ads, I knew I didn’t have the skills to be able to run them properly. And as my late dad used to say… “If a job’s worth doing… it’s worth doing properly!”

So, feeling brave one day last April – and after doing much research myself – I signed up and booked myself into the June 2019 cohort.

How it is structured?

The 12-week course is structured into weekly lessons and Zoom calls. School holidays are factored in – giving us a 3 week break in August – so our course ran just into September. Every Friday a new module would drop into Kajabi (the online learning platform) for us to learn that week at our own pace. Every Thursday we could join Emma online on a Zoom call – two options, morning or evening – where we could ask our questions for that module. I love learning, so more often than not I would sign on to both calls! Plus, there was a Facebook group for our cohort, manned by Emma and her team, where we could ask all our questions at any time during the week – and there were a LOT!!

Modules started off with the basics: Ads Manager, Ad formats and social proofing; before moving on to more complicated topics: traffic and targeting, adsense and pixels. The final few modules focused on funnels, optimisation and trouble-shooting.

It’s not a course for the faint-hearted – or the Debbie Downers, as Emma calls them. A willingness to learn, a can-do attitude and a positive mindset are all a ‘must’ for this course.

So, why was the FB ADcelerator the best thing that I did for my business in 2019? For me, it boils down to four reasons:

  • The level of information in the course is outstanding – all broken down into workable chunks. Work at your own pace, stay in your own lane (everyone had a different level of FB Ads coming into the course – mine was 0, I knew literally nothing!), ask questions – you can’t go wrong.
  • Mindset. For a lot of women coming back into employment after children or a career break, imposter syndrome is a big issue. And Emma recognises this, and builds in Mindset sessions with the amazing Andrea Callanan. Learning highly strategic new skills is one thing, but then having the confidence to implement that knowledge on client accounts and charge your worth, is quite another. The Mindset training was a game-changer for me.
  • Emma shows up. Every week. Twice a week. And in the FB group too. I’ve done a couple of courses in the past where you learn in your own time – and end up floundering or just losing momentum as there’s no one to ask questions to or bounce ideas off. Not this time. No question was too ridiculous for Emma – and, my word, that lady knows her stuff. She’s a massive cheerleader for all of her students.
  • I now know how to run highly strategic FB Ad campaigns. Emma is a leading global FB Ads strategist – I’ve learnt from the best. And it shows. For a recent campaign I ran for a client, I achieved a Return on Ad Spend of 27 on one particular adset, so for every £1 of my client’s money that I spent on their ads, my client received £27 back. I can now offer a service to clients, knowing that my knowledge in this sector is far superior to many digital agencies. And I have the support of Emma’s post-course Digital Tribe when I need to brainstorm.

Want to run Facebook Ads for your business? Find a graduate of Emma Van Heusen.. You won’t regret it!

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