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How I launched a low-ticket e-comm funnel to help a sports events company maximise their post-Christmas sales promotion and bring in £30k of sales in 18 days (and achieve an average ROAS of 17)

The problem

The client had previously entrusted their Facebook Ads management to an agency – but success had been limited with an average ROAS of only 1.5 over two years. The client was already experiencing good traction with its organic social media.. And knew that it could achieve better results with its ads campaigns.

The solution

Within the client’s Business Manager, and also using the data from the Facebook pixel, I built approximately 50 new cold audiences and 50 warm audiences. I also then built out several new Interest Based audiences. The client runs approximately 20 events each year and this dramatically increased the targeting options available.
I worked within the client’s requested budget to allocate a daily ad spend to each adset. Due to the time of year – and increased competition within the market – I decided to front load the campaigns to win more in the auction process.
Throughout the campaign, I tested different creative – single image, video, carousel and instant experience – and different messaging. Copy was different for cold audiences compared to warm audiences – but with both still reflecting the tone of voice of the client.

I also ran a low-cost PPE (page post engagement) ad alongside the same cold audiences. This was an organic FB page post I had set up before Christmas to obtain organic likes and comments. The purpose of this was two-fold. Firstly to create a unicorn ad that had plenty of existing engagement from a warm audience. I then repurposed it to run to a cold audience. This meant the cold audience were being targeted with two ads; the first ad was to buy event tickets and the second, the PPE, was helping to build know, like and trust with an audience that was new to the brand.
Once the campaign had been underway for a week, I built in a retargeting strategy to reflect the consideration process in the buyer’s journey.

The results

Within just a few days of the campaign launching, I was obtaining a ROAS of over 25 on one of the warm audiences (Return on Ad Spend. For every £1 I spent on the ads, the client was getting £25 back). As the campaign progressed I switched in new creative and adsets, all the while watching the costs and the frequency.

The jewel in the crown for this campaign was the retargeting. This was not something that the previous agency had ever done. This particular retargeting campaign achieved a ROAS of 26 and mopped up more than £10,000 of extra revenue for the client.

Services offered

Audience creation and testing. Ads copywriting (visuals supplied by client). Full ongoing ads management and strategy.

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