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Who remembers that children’s song..

“There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza a hole..?”

You’ll be pleased to know this isn’t an article about kids’ nursery rhymes, but instead a (maybe slightly tenuous) link into the importance of getting your Facebook Ads account in tip-top shape before Q4!

Why the bucket analogy? Well, it’s simple. In order to have success with Facebook Ads, there can’t be any leaks in your marketing ‘bucket’. Getting sales or leads for your business is not simply a case of copy, creative, and budget – there are a whole load of other factors to think about. Consider this list:

  • Website: is it mobile optimised? Is it fast-loading?
  • Pixel: is the FB pixel installed on your website and it is well-seasoned?
  • FB page: is your business page well managed and posting content that is engaging? Ie: not just salesy ‘buy our stuff’ posts?
  • Catalog: (for e-comm) Is your product catalog set up, approved and connected to Ads Manager?
  • Avatars: are you crystal clear on who your ideal customers are?
  • Budget: yep, it’s important. You’re not going to get far only spending a couple of ££s a day. A minimum of £10/day will get you results… slowly. The more you invest, the more data you can gather; which you can then analyse to decide on a forward strategy, to hopefully then get sales/leads for your business.
  • Customer journey: a potential client clicks through from your ad, what do they see? Does your website/landing page have ‘ad scent’ with your ad? (Ad scent: same tone of voice, style, design – this ALL matters!) If there’s any ‘friction’ on this journey, you’re likely to lose their custom.

Do you have good organic sales?

One of the MOST IMPORTANT (yes I am shouting!) questions to ask yourself: Is your business getting a decent level of sales/leads organically? Facebook Ads are not a magic wand, a silver bullet or a golden ticket to success. If you already have good organic sales, you’re on a much stronger footing at the starting point.

All these points above ⬆️⬆️ apply when starting ads at any time of year. So why is Q4 so important? In short.. costs… and opportunity.

Relating more specifically to e-comm here, have a think about all the sales opportunities there are from the start of November to January 2021.

Singles Day (huge in China, if you’re in this market); Thanksgiving; Black Friday/Cyber Monday; first weekend in December (big for shopping); Christmas Eve and Day; Boxing Day and the New Year sales.

What else should you consider?

Many chances for online retailers to make some money, right? Yes, of course. But with opportunity, also comes increased competition, which means costs will rise. So as well as making sure your business is ticking all the boxes on the above list ⬆️, here are some other factors you need to think about – and plan – well in advance.

  • Can your website cope with increased traffic? The best planned – and executed – ad strategy is no good if your site falls over.
  • Who will community manage the ads? Facebook loves engagement, and will push ads with social proof even more. But don’t leave those potential customers hanging. Answer their questions, reply to their messages.
  • What is your offer? Your hook? 10%, 20% off? Free shipping? By one get one free? Make it a good offer worth having – and not a ‘sh-offer’ (you can work that out right?)
  • And who is your offer for? Do you just want to nurture your existing email list? Or target the people who spend the most time on your website? Or throw the net wide and attract new audiences?
  • Plan your stock. Do you have enough stock to cope with an increase in demand? 
  • Plan your budget. Make sure you have enough to scale campaigns that are getting a good return.
  • Build a bank of copy and creative – if you have several campaigns going you need to be prepared to switch up the content if the frequency rises.
  • Build audiences for retargeting. The broader you go now, the bigger the retargeting pot will be nearer the time. Think about who will be shopping. Your existing audiences may work well, but who else can you target? More people shop online at this time of year – and Covid has meant that more people are now shopping online anyway. Audiences that didn’t work for you before, may work now. Test them.

Did you know that 88% of retailers will start their seasonal ads at the start of November? If you want a piece of the pie, now is the time to start planning. Now is the time to start fixing the leaks in that bucket!

Good luck!

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