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Getting potential clients to register for a free masterclass is one thing – getting them to actually show up can be quite another.

You can send them a reminder via email, surely?

Well, yes you can, but with the average email open rate hovering at about 20% (Campaign Monitor), this doesn’t always attract the attention you want. People’s inboxes are busy places these days and your messages can soon get swamped as more and more emails pile in on top.

But a message sent via Facebook Messenger… that’s hard to ignore. Did you know that Messenger has an average open rate of 80%? Let that sink in for a minute.

Email open rate is approximately 20%. 

Facebook Messenger open rate is approximately 80%.

You can see where I’m going here, right? But rather than me quote statistics at you, let’s look at some of the recent results achieved for a client of mine.

This client was keen to explore chat marketing (bonus client points there already 😉) and wanted to know if there was a way of using a chatbot to not only sign up potential customers to her masterclass series, but also send them a reminder just before each event went live. She was already promoting her masterclasses via Facebook Ads, very successfully, and so, as her first foray into chat marketing, wanted to look purely at organic options.

So, what did I suggest? 

The Comment Growth Tool and the Confirmed Event Reminder.

And, in layman’s terms, Mel – what exactly does that mean??

It means, in the first instance, I built out a chatbot flow (in the client’s ManyChat account) that would lead users through a ‘conversation’ to sign up for the masterclasses. The flow contained information about the events, obtained users’ email addresses and signed them up – all within about 20 seconds and three clicks. 

This flow was then connected to the Comment Growth Tool (CGT). Now, there are several growth tools in ManyChat, but the CGT is one of the most powerful. You can attach the CGT to a Facebook post, and each time someone comments on your post, it will automatically like their comment, reply to them, AND trigger a message in Messenger – in this case, the masterclass flow. Within the CGT you can adjust the settings so that all comments trigger the flow, or only comments using a keyword. 

For this particular client, the flow was to be attached to a Facebook live post, and as she normally gets many comments on her FB lives from existing customers, we needed to be able to filter who got the flow so only NEW potential customers would receive the message. Therefore I adjusted the CGT settings to only respond to a keyword. 

Those interested in the masterclass had to comment using that keyword, thereby filtering out existing customers.

Did that really get people to sign up? 

Well, yes it did. Of everyone that came into the flow, 90% took the intended action. They gave their email and signed up for the masterclass events. Pretty impressive, right? 

The next step was getting people to actually ‘show up’ online each day, at a certain time, to tune into the live masterclasses.

Now, as previously mentioned, people were also signing up for the masterclasses via landing pages from a successful Facebook Ads campaign. So how could we also send them the reminder, when they hadn’t entered the chatbot previously? 

The Chat Marketing Results

This was the solution.

As all event attendees were being let into a private Facebook group for the duration of the masterclasses and training, I built out a ‘Reminder’ sign-up flow. This was a simple flow, asking them to confirm that they were registered for the event and that they were happy to receive reminders for each live training. The trigger for this flow was a RefURL (or, more simply.. A URL!), which was then posted into the group. On successful completion of this flow, they were given the same tag as those who came through the CGT.

Before each event, I used the Broadcast function within ManyChat to send all chatbot subscribers with that tag a reminder message, just a few minutes before each event. 

A personalised message, that reminded them of an event that they had registered for, delivered right into the palm of their hand, at exactly the right time. The message also contained a link directly into that day’s training.

The results speak for themselves.

If you’d like learn more about how chat marketing can benefit your business’s bottom line, with new and existing customers, do get in touch. Or, to see a chatbot in action, you can download my free PDF from this link (opens in Messenger, obviously!)


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