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Hands up who’s smashing out video content for their business on a weekly basis? Ok, so maybe not weekly, but you’re giving it a go right? No? Is it more a case of lights, camera… no action?

I hold my hands up to this. I know I should be doing more video marketing in my business. It IS currently the best way to get traction on organic social media. And for potential clients to get to know ‘me’. But… invariably I talk myself out of it.

These are my normal excuses…

  • A fear of visibility – it’s much ‘easier’ to hide behind static posts and blog content
  • Imposter syndrome – who’d want to listen to me when there are so many other ‘polished’ performers out there?
  • A lack of tech know-how – I don’t know how to connect a camera to my Mac, I can just about manage a microphone, but my lighting is pretty awful. Video marketing seems overwhelming
  • And how exactly do you record a video anyway, there are SO MANY tools out there? Which ones could I actually figure out how to use without getting myself completely confused?

And by using these excuses, nothing gets done. Nothing. 

But it’s time for that to change. I need to change. Educate myself. And to do this, I need to learn #allthethings.

And the best place to learn #allthethings is the Content Marketing Power Up (CMPU) course, put together by international speaker and digital marketing educator Kelly Noble Mirabella, and business efficiency consultant Yvi Heimann.

The CMPU originally started out as a month-long Facebook bootcamp, where I thought I’d dip in and pick up a few juicy tidbits. But it ended up being one of the most business-changing courses I have ever done. 

Let me tell you why.

I find it difficult to stick to most ‘challenges’ or bootcamps; they take time, commitment AND most of all, I confess my interest can wane. However, for the CMPU I was there Every Single Night – even though the FB Lives were at 10pm here in the UK!

Yvi and Kelly have a clear rapport between them, which makes consuming the content both fun AND highly watchable. Not only that but they are both so clearly confident on camera, and in their video marketing skills, that you can’t help but be inspired – there’s hope for us all!

So, let’s break this down into my top highlights…


Four weeks of content, broken down into weekly themes: Live Video, Recorded Video, Marketing and, week 4, Bringing It All Together. A logical format starting with all the techy bits, and ending with the all-important part of managing your content, scheduling and repurposing.

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The month was sponsored by Agorapulse, Easel, Restream and Ecamm. All tools I’ve wanted to know more about. All introduced to us in digestible content that wasn’t scary or overwhelming. Some of that high-tech stuff you see on YouTube videos is really quite simplistic in the back end!

Going Live

I had never really entertained the possibility of much Live video in my business. That has now changed. Not only am I planning more live video, I am also exploring the possibility of adding Live Producer services to my business. Stephanie Liu’s session on this was totally inspiring!

Tech Talks

You know when you watch live shows on Facebook or YouTube and they bring up people’s comments and the camera angles change and there’s a few sound effects? Turns out it’s not that high-tech and totally doable by you or me. The sessions by Ecamm and Restream gave us a real look behind the scenes on this.

Fancy Graphics

Coloured overlays, people’s names in fancy fonts and widgets that pop up on screen? This is all covered too. It’s not all about Canva you know; by using Easel you can create simple graphics that will totally pimp up your live stream.

The Big Names

Not just Kelly and Yvi on screen. Oh no.. they brought in Stephanie Liu, my business coaches Andrew and Pete, Molly Mahoney.. as well as sponsor reps. Knowledge bombs left, right and centre.

Getting Started

It’s clear Kelly and Yvi are pros at live video, but they have worked HARD to get where they are. However, this didn’t not stop them from encouraging those just starting out (me!) to just.. start! As they say ‘Practice Makes Progress’. It’s cool to have people cheering you on, right?

Throughout the month, I felt 100% inspired each and every day about the possibilities out there to make more live video, to bring some different content into my own business and to potentially help my current and future clients maximise their content schedules.

So much so that I purchased all the CMPU recordings, plus the bonus content, before the boot camp had finished. I knew that I would want to rewatch a ton of those how-to videos and really digest all the information, all the tips and all the knowledge bombs.

And I have! I am slowly going through each video and taking action – small steps towards that bigger goal.

If Kelly and Yvi run the boot camp again – and I think they will – I highly recommend you sign up. However, in the meantime, there is no need to miss out – all the recordings and bonuses are still available to buy. Just hit the link below. 


(Yes, this is my affiliate link, so I may receive a small kickback if you do decide to purchase).

Want to see what’s inside before you buy? This video (see what I did there?!) gives you a sneaky peak.

Want to know more about Kelly Noble Mirabella? You can do that here

Want to know more about Yvi Heimann? Just hit this link here

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