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A couple of years ago I had an Facebook Ads client who roughly knew her way around Ads Manager but didn’t have time to manage it herself.

The company she worked for had hired a large agency to run the account, but she could see that it was not getting good results. The agency had used the same copy, creatives and audience for every campaign for the past 18 months and weren’t doing any retargeting.

She knew her company’s large monthly ad budget was not being used efficiently or strategically.

Sound familiar?

This is a common story. Many clients come to me because they know how effective Facebook and Instagram ads can be – yet they’re either not seeing worthwhile results, or they just don’t have the time to implement and monitor campaigns themselves.

Another client of mine came to me because she was simply overloaded by the DM messages in her IG account. She was spending hours manually pre-qualifying potential leads, struggling to get those leads into her FB group AND then actually show up for the Masterclasses she was running. She knew the potential of automation and chat marketing, but had no time, knowledge or inclination to set up and run it herself.

With all my clients, whether ads or chatbots, I take the personal approach. Every client has different needs and I work to implement a strategy that has the potential to bring their brand the sales it needs.

Mel at Socially Sound

In case we haven’t met… yet!

Hi! I’m Mel and the founder of Socially Sound. I  help turn browsers into buyers, or lurkers into leads!

I help e-commerce businesses save time, spend strategically and reach their perfect audience through Facebook ads and chat marketing.

I’ve always been a stickler for hard work and detail. There was a reason my former colleagues in print publishing used to say “Mel Rules with an iron rod…”. (FYI Rule was my maiden name – and yes, those colleagues were hilarious!).

I don’t actually have an iron rod obviously… But plans, processes, schedules… that’s me to a T. 

Working pre-dominantly with e-commerce product brands, I now help businesses launch FB ad campaigns relevant to their business goals to improve their bottom line, or build chatbot flows that automate leads 24/7. 

I love helping businesses – like yours – get the most from their marketing budgets, using data and conversational marketing to drive the brand forward and help them reach their ultimate goals.

And when I am not knee-deep in social media..

…You’ll probably find me in my wellies, walking my dog in the Kent countryside, plotting a route that goes via the local pub! The fresh air, the headspace – all vital ingredients for a busy but creative mind to gain clarity and figure out my next ads strategy or message campaign.

I’d love to help you get clarity in your Meta marketing and free you from the guesswork AND the Googling!

Fancy a free consultation? Whether for FB ads or chat funnels simply click the link below and tell me a little more about your business. If we’re a good fit – let’s start the conversation as to how we can take your brand to the next level!

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