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How I can help you…

If you’re looking for a social media manager who knows how to engage your audience, build a community and increase your brand presence online – you’re in the right place!

If you’re looking to run Facebook Ads for your brand but have no idea how to build an audience, what your objective should be or how much you should be spending to reach your targets – you’re also in the right place!

Managing Facebook Ads and building a supporting social media strategy is what I am passionate about. It’s my zone of genius!

Thanks Mel for such a useful Facebook Ads 1:1 – I went from being totally overwhelmed to feeling in control and positive about the process! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Abi Gilbert-Green, Granadilla Social

Problems I help you solve…

Facebook Ads Management

For you if:

  • You want sales and/or leads (who doesn’t?!) but don’t have time to build and test campaigns yourself
  • Can make a commitment to a monthly budget
  • Have a well-managed FB page and the FB pixel installed (we can work together on this bit too!)

Social Media Management

For you if:

  • You don’t have time to run your social media
  • You know the importance of social media, but are so far not seeing the benefits
  • Can make the commitment to a monthly budget to having it done for you

Power Hours / Nurture Packages

Tailored to your needs – and available for both organic and paid social – power hours and nurture packages will help set you on the right path to building your audience and getting sales and leads, without making costly mistakes.

Channel Audits

This is the perfect option if you prefer to look after your own social media but would like a fresh pair of eyes on your content and your set-up. For your paid social, I can take a look into your FB Ads manager and give you some insight on your campaign results and ensure you are making the most of the FB pixel.

About me

I started my career many moons ago in print publishing. Back in the days before digital images and when we had to send pages to the printer via a courier! Yep.. I’ve been around some time! BUT.. this also means that I have a wealth of experience behind me.. and a massive interest in ‘what’s coming up next’ in the digital world.

My switch from offline to online came after I had my kids. I wanted to return to work, doing hours that fitted around family life – the ‘needle in a haystack’ job right? When the opportunity arose to retrain in social media – I grabbed it with both hands. A career that had huge parallels to one I already loved, that I could do from home, in hours to suit me? It was a no-brainer – and I have loved every minute.

After finishing my social media training, I then went on to train to be a Facebook Ads Strategist with the globally renown Emma Van Heusen – which totally appealed to my ‘inner geek’.

The upshot of all this is.. that I am now able to utilise these skills to help other businesses find their way on social media. So, whether you want someone to run your Facebook Ads, take over your social channels – or just give you a helping hand with some 1-1 training or a channel audit, my doors are open – just get in touch!

Am I right for you?

Who I work with…

  • Businesses/individuals that understand the value of organic and paid social media and want to build a quality, engaged audience ie a community.
  • Companies that understand Facebook and social media is NOT an admin job.
  • Those who love social media as much as I do – but just don’t have the time to execute it properly themselves.

Who I don’t work with…

  • Businesses that don’t understand the vital role that organic and paid social media now play within a wider marketing strategy. 
  • Businesses that want to grow their presence through ‘buying’ likes and followers and for whom social media is purely a metrics game.
  • Companies who want ‘quick wins’. Social media is not a silver bullet to super-charge your business – it’s a long game.

Sound good?


Get in touch with me today to see how I can help grow your social presence!

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