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Channel Audits

How do you know if you’re getting your social media ‘right’ for your business? Are you posting the best type of content for
your followers? Are you using all the functionality that each
channel offers?

Can you interpret the results you see in FB Ads manager – and know how to adapt your campaigns accordingly? What do all the analytics mean exactly? What else could you be doing?

Sound familiar?

You may be totally happy doing your own social media – but sometimes an extra pair of eyes on your channels is a great way to find out if you’re on track.. and maybe pick up a quick tip or two!

Available for organic Facebook and Facebook Advertising, a channel audit is ideal if you feel you just need a bit of reassuring guidance.

So how does it work?

In order to get a true picture of how your channel is working I will need full admin access. This enables me to see the analytics behind the account and means I will be able to give you a more accurate audit. You can remove admin access once the channel audit is complete.

Once I can see into your FB page or Ad account, you can expect an audit to take around 2 hours. This allows a ‘deep dive’ into the content and the statistics available.

Once complete we can arrange a 30 minute Zoom call where I can tell you my findings and give you some tips to take away!

And how much does it cost?

Channel audits: £147 per channel. This is inclusive of the audit and the 30-minute Zoom call.

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