Let’s mastermind your marketing together!

Need a wing-woman, a cheerleader, or maybe a pillar of support?

You’re happy running your own paid social accounts, or building your own chat funnels, but you’d like to bounce some ideas around, or plan out your ongoing strategy. Maybe you already outsource your e-commerce ads, but you’re just not sure what all the results actually mean.

From confusion to clarity, get a second pair of eyes on your accounts, get answers to all those niggling questions – and let’s champion your success together!

Socially Sound Consultancy

Don’t struggle in silence. I’ve got your back!

You know the basics of running Facebook ads for e-commerce. You know it’s important to have a strong offer and you know your website converts pretty well. But, sometimes, you’re just not sure you’re doing the right thing. Why have you lost that social proof? Why is that adset just not feeding out? The ads platform is constantly changing and it’s hard to keep on top of the latest advice.

Or maybe, you’ve dabbled in chat marketing and can see great potential. Your followers are engaging and opting in, but you’ve had a couple of compliance warnings in the account and you just can’t see where you’re going wrong. You also know there’s a lot more functionality you could be using, but you’re not quite sure where to start. 

Let me support you!

Buying my time is the simplist way to get the help you need – plenty of flexibility and no long-term commitment. Whether you want a full ad account audit, need a sounding board, or want someone who can answer those ‘silly’ questions. (BTW no question is ever ‘silly’!) this is for you!

Whether for a full ad account audit, a block of time or a regular weekly check-in, I can provide reassurance, new ideas, or advice when strategy needs a complete rethink! 

You’ll no longer feel in the dark as to how your ad campaigns or chat funnels are performing.

You’ll get ideas of what audiences, creative and copy to test next; or how to further increase your brand loyalty through chat marketing.

You’ll get proper strategic advice.. And no longer feel as though you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

You get the benefit of the ‘Hive Mind’. I don’t claim to know ‘everything’ (who does?!) but the people I am in memberships with are some of the true brains in FB ads and chat marketing. If I don’t know something.. You can bet they do!

Think of me as your support vehicle. You’re in the driving seat and setting the Sat Nav; I’m there to cheer you along, check you’re going in the right direction, and prompt you with alternative routes when things get a bit snarled up.

Need more clarity, some fresh ideas and a bit of hand-holding?

Maybe you already outsource your Facebook and Instagram ads but are just not sure if they’re working for your business.

The agency tells you about the amount of reach they’ve achieved, and the cost per click, but the fancy analytics reports they send are double-dutch to you and you’re struggling to understand how all this is actually helping you achieve your end objective – sales!

They’ve left you feeling confused – and you need more clarity as to where your budget is actually being spent. You need simple explanations in simple, clear language. The reports look amazing – but what do they actually mean and are you actually achieving your end objective?

I can help. I can talk you through the statistics and I can help guide you on the questions you need to be asking.

Let me help you stress less – and build your accounts up for success!

Mel provided me with highly tailored training sessions for a campaign that I needed help setting up.

Everything was well structured, from an initial audit before beginning and then checking on the work I had set up at the end with feedback.

10/10 recommend.

Rachel Nielsen


How much will it cost?

Buy My Time

The simplist way to get hands-on advice for all your niggling questions; whether you need fresh ideas, new eyes on your current results, or you just want guidance on the ever-changing functionality – this is for you!

These take place via Zoom and can be bought as follows:

One hour = £157+VAT

Two hours = £300+VAT

Four hours = £550+VAT

Full Account Audit

This is for you if you’re already running ads, but you’re not sure if you’re getting the results you deserve. Or maybe you outsource your ad account, but you’ve got a niggling feeling that your budget is not being spent wisely and the agency bamboozles you with confusing data.

It’s time for a second pair of eyes. A full ad account audit comprises a deep-dive into your data, the campaigns you’re currently running, your past campaigns, your budget, creative and copy. It also takes a look at your website and your social channels.

Estimated time: 7-10 days

Requirements: access to your accounts will be needed.

Cost: £695+VAT

Includes full written report, with Loom explainer videos where needed, plus 30 mins on Zoom post audit.

Thank you so much for your time Mel. I really appreciated that you took the time out to talk me through a few areas within my strategy that I could be adding in to help me get even more out of Facebook ads.

It was nice to know that I’m doing ok already, but I know there is so much that is possible. It was really helpful to get a couple of tips on how to warm up my audience even better next time. I’ll definitely look forward to working with you in the future.”

Alix Hubble