It’s all going down in the DMs!!

Looking to get more sales, leads AND engagement from your Instagram account? 

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You've seen more and more people say 'comment XX' to get 'YY' on their Instagram posts and you're keen to know how Meta-approved chat automation works

You want a more efficient way to get leads and sales - link in bio is outdated and... just doesn't work!

You want some ideas of how chat automation could work for your business and boost your bottom line!

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In this webinar, you will learn…

Exactly what Instagram DM automation is, who it’s for.. and who it is not for (very important!)

The different ways that the automation can be triggered within your account, via posts, reels and stories etc

The importance of compliance – this is not something you want to get wrong! It’s working through a Meta platform after all!

Ideas of what chat flows could be implemented for both lead generation and e-commerce businesses

And, of course, a snapshot of just some of the results that myself and my clients have seen

Socially Sound Chatbots

So, is conversational marketing really a big deal?

In short, yes. Absolutely!

Marketing is getting more personal and more targeted. Brands are receiving WAY more DMs into their Instagram accounts – and consumers (rightly) expect a response.

But this doesn’t have to mean more manual, repetitive tasks. Meta-approved automation can save time, increase engagement and give your audience what it wants, when it wants it.

Think lead magnet sign-ups and delivery, quizzes, FAQs, surveys, discount codes, webinar sign-ups AND reminders – these are just a slither of what can be achieved!

When did you last ignore a DM from a brand? Nope. Thought not! It’s an exciting time for conversational marketing and YOU want a slice of the pie! Welcome!

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I’m Mel. I’m a marketing specialist for e-commerce brands, with a focus on paid social and conversational strategies. 

I take the ‘bottom up’ approach, looking at how brands are communicating with their clients via their organic posts, paid social and… chat funnels!

I’ve helped businesses boost their yearly total sales by 28%, achieved consistent ROAS figures through some of the toughest months for e-comm (hello Q4!) and helped other brands increase conversations and user engagement with chat funnel strategies. I geek out on this stuff – so that you don’t have to!

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