Learn the lingo of FB ads & get clarity on the tongue-twisting terminology!

You’re knee-deep at the coalface of your e-commerce business. You’ve outsourced your Facebook ads… but you’re struggling to understand all the ‘lingo’ that your provider uses when they report on strategy and results.

Opening up Facebook Ads Manager can lead to immediate overwhelm when trying to decipher confusing columns, letters, numbers and acronyms.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. This free guide will steer you through the basics of all the ‘Shop Talk’ and equip you with the terminology you need to get clarity on your campaigns.

This is for you if:

You want to learn the 'lingo' of Facebook Ads and understand the basics of what your e-commerce provider is telling you

You want to know which statistics are key to know for your e-commerce brand

You're fed up with second-guessing or having to ask others for clarity on the terminology

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Socially Sound Simplifying the Shop Talk

This guide is just one of the resources I give to my
full-management clients… Why?

Because I want them to have a basic understanding of what their account is doing

Because the more they understand, the better chance we have of building a cohesive, workable strategy

Because I work with full transparency and integrity - what I see, you see.

“We were looking for a super switched on Facebook ad strategist and Melanie is just that!

She’s been super helpful in building our ad account, implementing campaigns and spotting things to improve. Go ahead and reach out to Mel with confidence.”

Joe Welstead

CEO, Motion Nutrition

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I’m Mel. I am a proactive Facebook and Instagram ads manager who loves to delve under the skin of e-commerce businesses to prepare them for battle in Facebook’s arena! Every brand is different, therefore cookie-cutter strategies and outdated tactics just won’t… cut it.

I’ve helped businesses boost their yearly total sales by 28%, achieved consistent ROAS figures throughout some of the toughest months for ecommerce (hello Q4!) and helped another brand take £30k in just 18 days of a new campaign.

Whether you’re spending £5,000 or £50,000 a month on your ads, if you’re looking to outsource their management, get in touch below to enquire about a free 30-minute strategy call. It’s a great way to find out if we’re a good fit!

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