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Tools and links I love…

There are many tools that I use for, and within, my business to help me be creative, manage clients and ensure that I stay on top of the constant changes within the world of social media.

Some of my favourites are listed below.

Some of these are affiliate links, which will not affect your purchase, but I may get a small commission if you do buy.


If there’s one tool that I use day-in, day-out it’s Canva! Whether it’s for creating social media posts or tweaking creative for an Ad, Canva is SUCH a simple tool to use. I have the Pro version, for a minimal monthly cost, but even the free version has pre-sized social media templates for all the channels, colour options and free images a-plenty.

Canva makes it so easy to create graphics within minutes, whether you need them for your social media or for your child’s party invites! If you have the pro-version there are even more image options and you can also upload all your brand assets.


One of the best ways to plan out your social media – is to schedule it in advance. ContentCal allows you to do this with its calendar system, weeks in advance if needs be.

You can also store content in the library section and the Chrome Extension is great for gathering curated content.

Dinghy Insurance

Every business needs insurance. Even small ones. Fact. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth.

My policy with Dinghy is ideal. It covers Professional Indemnity,  Public Liability and Business Equipment, amongst other bits and bobs – and it’s budget friendly too.

Atomic membership

Are you an ambitious small business owner who wants to grow faster? It’s not easy running a small business. Do you have people to bounce ideas off? Do you know how to effectively market your product and/or services? Do you spend so much time servicing clients that you rarely get time to work ‘on’ your business?

I joined Atomic in 2019 and immediately felt at home amongst a crowd of other like-minded business owners. Email marketing, financial planning, selling, advertising.. and the list goes on. Andrew and Pete (the Atomic boys) cover SOOO much in their membership, it’s well worth it! Hit the link below to find out more – and if you do decide to sign up, mention my name (I may just get a small bonus!)

Interest Explore

This is a great tool for exploring audience targeting in your Facebook Ads. It allows users to carry out very detailed research for campaigns as it highlights a vast arrange of interests, and audience sizes, that can then be targeted in Ads Manager. 

Become a Facebook Ads Strategist

When I decided to upskill into Facebook Ads I chose to train with Emma Van Heusen – herself trained by Facebook’s Global Team. This is an amazing 12-week course. It’s an investment in yourself and your skills, it’s tough at times but it’s THE best course I have done to date!

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