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Power hours & nurture packages

The first time you look at Facebook Ads Manager it can seem a very confusing place. And if you don’t know what you’re doing -you’re going to make mistakes. And these could be costly.

All businesses want to spend their money wisely, right? So, if you’re happy to run your own Facebook Ads, but don’t know where to start, a Power Hour or Nurture Package would be ideal for you.

These are available for organic social media too – and are 100% tailored to you and your business requirements.

Decided you need some help? Great, drop me a line and I’ll be in touch for an initial discovery call.

I’ll then send you a questionnaire to fill in which will ask you what your social media / Facebook Ads pain points are. For example, maybe you don’t know which channel your business is best suited to; you have no idea what to post that will engage your potential customers; you don’t know how to utilise the data from the Facebook Pixel within Ads Manager; or you don’t know how to interpret the results you’ve got from an Ad campaign. Or, maybe, you simply want to know how to build an Ad from scratch.

Once I have received your questionnaire answers, I will be in touch to arrange a mutually suitable time for us to talk. The meeting will take place on Zoom and I would advise that you familiarise yourself with this software beforehand, thus ensuring you can make the most of your booking.

How much does it cost?

Power Hours: £147 per person

This includes the hour we have together, plus all the preparation work beforehand. At the end of the hour you will be equipped with enough information and advice to give you solutions to the problems you listed in your initial questionnaire.

Nurture Package: £299 per person

The world of social media is vast – and an hour is not a long time to cover most people’s needs. If this applies to you, opt for my three-hour Nurture Package. The initial set-up and hour runs as above. Afterwards you may take the remaining time in one-hour blocks, or break it down into four 30-minute sessions. AND you have three months to use your remaining time – perfect if you like to learn and ask questions as you go!

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