Case Study – Social Giraffe

Sign-ups AND show-ups: how message marketing helped the Social Giraffe top its targets and bring in the business

780 new contacts into ManyChat

82% increase in group members (from previous challenge)


87% of these group members were active

Socially Soound Case Study Social Giraffe

About the client

The Social Giraffe are Katie and Philippa – sisters who are empowering female entrepreneurs worldwide through their business and personal growth.

They are educators, Pinterest gurus, Positive Psychology Coaches, trailblazers for female entrepreneurs and business growth builders.

The Challenge

How to get the sign-ups for the three-day challenge to actually show up in the Facebook group.

Katie and Philippa run a very successful SuperCharge Your Pinterest challenge three times a year.

Using strategic Facebook Ads and email marketing, alongside a strong organic presence, getting sign-ups for their free challenge that preceded the course was never a problem.

The sticking point, however, was getting those sign-ups to join the Facebook group and actually ‘show up’ for the challenge. They were keen to explore how chat marketing could help.

The Strategy

To build a number of sign-up flows, reminder flows and engagement flows to not only encourage users to join the challenge AND the free Facebook group, but also fully participate throughout the challenge. 

Here’s what was implemented:-

Before the challenge

On Instagram:

  • Sign-up flows activated by keyword automation and the comment growth tool.
  • Alternative offer flows to direct anyone not signing up to the challenge towards their other content and lead magnets.
  • Conversation starters to capture any newcomers to their DMs.
  • Story Replies to automatically reply to anyone mentioning the Social Giraffe in their IG stories. 

On Facebook: 

  • Sign-up flows activated by a RefURL
  • Alternative offer flows to direct anyone not signing up to the challenge towards their other content and lead magnets.
  • Welcome Message to capture any newcomers to their Facebook messages.

All of the above were built using conversational language that was personalised to the user. Tags were used throughout to enable segmentation. Subscribers to the automation were welcomed by ‘Giffy’ making it clear they were talking to a bot.

Once subscribers had signed up to the challenge (via the bot, Facebook Ads or email marketing), they received a confirmation email that contained a link to a Reminder Flow, accessed via a RefURL. This flow confirmed their attendance, confirmed their email address and – optionally – asked for their mobile phone number. Once these were collected, they were directed straight to join the Facebook group. 

During the challenge

  • All subscribers with the ‘confirmed’ tag were then sent a message each morning of the event, approximately 30 minutes beforehand, either via FB Messenger or via SMS (if they had given their phone number). The message told them what was on the agenda that day, linked straight to the FB group and (via Messenger only) gave the links to that day’s resources.
  • Each evening of the event we used the bot to deliver a quiz (short, simple,  questions) to cement the attendee’s learning and increase engagement within the group. This was delivered via a RefURL on a FB group post, and via the bot for all subscribers within the 24-hr window of compliance.

The Results

A targeted strategy on both Facebook and Instagram boosted group engagement.

Key stats:

  • 780 new contacts into ManyChat via both IG and FB
  • 82% increase in group members
  • 87% of these group members were active throughout the challenge

Which led to:

  • More than 6,000 FB group comments 
  • More than 1,500 FB homework tasks submitted

“There is a lot of excitement for Giffy.

All targets met and I can’t thank you enough.

Having a bot has been a complete game changer for our conversion rate into the group.” 

Katie Cooper

Founder, The Social Giraffe